Become a Donor

The Winnipeg Film Group is a charitable, non-profit organization, and as such relies on the generous support of our public and private sector funders, corporate sponsorships and private donations.

The Winnipeg Film Group operates with an annual budget of approximately $970,000. 43% of our budget is made up from earned-revenue (memberships, rentals, sales, distribution royalties, box office admission, concession sales, etc.), sponsorships and donations.

Not only is the Winnipeg Film Group an artistically achieving and community minded organization, but we are also a fiscally responsible one as well.

Your support of the Winnipeg Film Group makes a tangible difference.

  • It allows us to offer more free screenings at our Cinematheque for children and youth
  • It allows us to extend out beyond our physical walls into the inner city that surrounds us to provide outreach filmmaking programs that serve as transformative experiences for youth
  • It allows us to provide other non-profit and community groups low and even no cost access to our equipment, facilities and services
  • It enables our Cinematheque to be the only cinema venue in Manitoba that is accessible on an on-going basis to screen the works of Canadian filmmakers as a priority

At the Winnipeg Film Group, we strongly believe that art is an immensely powerful equalizer within communities – creativity requires no wealth and it crosses cultures and life experiences. Access to art should also be this way.

If you would like to learn more about how the Winnipeg Film Group operates or to contribute financially to our organization, please contact our Executive Director at (204) 925-3456 or