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Caribou in the Archive (DVD)

Caribou in the Archive (DVD)

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Caribou in the Archive

A film by Jennifer Dysart
Produced by Jennifer Dysart and the Regent Park Film Festival Home Made Visible Project
8 minutes | 2019 | colour/black and white | documentary, experimental

In Caribou in the Archive, rustic VHS home video of a Cree woman hunting caribou in the 1990s is combined with NFB archival film footage of northern Manitoba from the 1950s. In this experimental film, the difference between homemade video and official historical record is considered. Northern Indigenous women hunting is at the heart of this personal found footage film in which the filmmaker describes the enigmatic events that led to saving an important piece of family history from being lost forever.

Dans « Caribou In The Archive », une vidéo VHS rustique montrant une femme Cri chassant le caribou dans les années 1990’s est combinée à une séquence de film d’archives de l’ONF datant des années 1950’s au nord du Manitoba. Dans ce film expérimental, la différence entre une vidéo faite maison et l’historique officiel est prise en compte. La pratique de la chasse des femmes autochtones du Nord est au cœur de ce film personnel contenant des images dans lequel la cinéaste décrit les événements énigmatiques qui ont conduit à la sauvegarde d’un élément important de l’histoire de la famille.

Rent or Purchase Digital Copy

For at-home, personal use you can rent the film on VUCAVU!

For educational purposes – to rent the film online or to purchase a digital license to screen the film in a classroom or office, please email us! Below are our standard prices but we can work with you if what you want strays from these options. We appreciate you working with us – an artist-run, non-profit charity.

  • $80 for K-12 streaming (1 school year)
  • $145 for K-12 streaming (1 school year) plus DVD to keep
  • $195 for K-12 streaming (3 years)
  • $250 for K-12 streaming (3 years) plus DVD to keep
  • $285 for post-secondary streaming (3 years)
  • $395 for post-secondary streaming (3 years) plus DVD to keep

What is Home use?

The Home Use DVD is meant for private, home viewing only for individuals, including home schooling for up to 8 people. This DVD is not meant to be screened in front of a large group in a workshop, classroom or community setting. Please see the other use types if you wish to screen it publicly.

Any form of copying or altering of the format purchased is not permitted.

Thank you for supporting independent filmmakers and respecting their rights for proper compensation for their work. We return 70% of revenues to the artists.

What is Community use?

This DVD is designed for non-profit and small community groups wishing to screen the film for free in an educational setting to groups of 50 people maximum.

Please contact us if you are screening to a larger audience or want to charge admission.

Thank you for respecting the independent artists who made this film.

What is Single Site use?

This use includes K-12 and Public Libraries.

This DVD is priced to accommodate library borrowing and educational screenings within a single library, school, small office, or hospital.

Circulating outside the organization, institution, or office or to donate programs to other organizations or institutions are not included or permitted under this sale except for home borrowing at public libraries. Any form of copying or altering of the format purchased is not permitted.

Thank you for respecting the independent artists who made this film.

PUBLIC LIBRARIES – Please enquire about discounts for multiple copies purchased for branch libraries.

SCHOOL BOARDS – please purchase the Institutional DVD.

What is Institutional use?

This DVD is priced in accordance with how many people could potentially watch it. At a large university or school board the potential of hundreds to thousands of viewers dictates this price. For library and instructional use in a workshop or classroom setting at a university or school board.

Circulation to multiple departments, institutions or offices within a jurisdiction such as schools within a school district or offices within a company is permitted. Any form of copying or altering of the format purchased is not permitted. Please contact us for streaming enquiries.

Thank you for respecting the independent artists who made this film.

For more information or if you have any questions or special requests please contact the Distribution Director, Jillian Groening:
+1 (204) 925-3456 ext. 105 /


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