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Winnipeg Saga DVD compilation

Winnipeg Saga DVD compilation

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Released April 2007

In celebration of its 30th anniversary in 2004, the Winnipeg Film Group commissioned five of the most accomplished filmmakers who have come through its ranks to create a short film. Initially envisioned around the theme of the filmmaking process, each of the participating filmmakers interpreted this mandate broadly and the resulting movies span the spectrum of cinema—from animation to comedy, and dramatic to experimental.

WINNIPEG SAGA premiered at a Gala Presentation at the Winnipeg Art Gallery in April 2007.

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Featured Films

Automoto by Neil & Cathy McInnes

6:00 minutes / animation / colour

Automoto is a 6 minute stop-motion film that depicts a whimsical view of the process of making an animated film.

The Last Moment by Deco Dawson

28:30 minutes / drama / colour and b&w

The Last Moment is a multi-fractured, multi-genre narrative, which uses five styles of film history to explore the final moments of a man’s life, and the ill-fated relationship woes that have lead up to his death.

Odin’s Shield Maiden by Guy Maddin

4:30 minutes / experimental / b&w

The shield maiden of Gimli yearns for the drowned fisherman Mundi while her acolytes in mourning aid her in this fact-based account of a tragic accident.

Time Away by Aubriand

7:15 minutes / experimental / colour

Roads as far as the eye can see. Signposts are glimpsed and people from another time are lost, en route to inner worlds of the mind.... Debating the nature of time, three voices navigate the continuously moving space and lead us through grief to the transformative end of the road: time away changes what you thought you knew.

Man of the Northwest by Matthew Holm

11:40 minutes / comedy / colour 

A boy’s own adventure set in the northern wilds of Canada, Man of the Northwest is a madcap musical that presents a day in the life of Sgt. Ferguson of the Northwest Mounted Police.

Approximate Total Running Time: 60 minutes

What is Home use?

The Home Use DVD is meant for private, home viewing only for individuals, including home schooling for up to 8 people. This DVD is not meant to be screened in front of a large group in a workshop, classroom or community setting. Please see the other use types if you wish to screen it publicly.

Any form of copying or altering of the format purchased is not permitted.

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Please contact us if you are screening to a larger audience or want to charge admission.

Thank you for respecting the independent artists who made this film.

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This use includes K-12 and Public Libraries.

This DVD is priced to accommodate library borrowing and educational screenings within a single library, school, small office, or hospital.

Circulating outside the organization, institution, or office or to donate programs to other organizations or institutions are not included or permitted under this sale except for home borrowing at public libraries. Any form of copying or altering of the format purchased is not permitted.

Thank you for respecting the independent artists who made this film.

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SCHOOL BOARDS – please purchase the Institutional DVD.

What is Institutional use?

This DVD is priced in accordance with how many people could potentially watch it. At a large university or school board the potential of hundreds to thousands of viewers dictates this price. For library and instructional use in a workshop or classroom setting at a university or school board.

Circulation to multiple departments, institutions or offices within a jurisdiction such as schools within a school district or offices within a company is permitted. Any form of copying or altering of the format purchased is not permitted. Please contact us for streaming enquiries.

Thank you for respecting the independent artists who made this film.

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