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Basic Filmmaking Teen Summer Camp 2024 with Lasha Mowchun

Basic Filmmaking Teen Summer Camp 2024 with Lasha Mowchun

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Basic Filmmaking Teen Summer Camp 2024 with Lasha Mowchun

Summer is nearly here and it’s time for the return of WFG’s Summer Teen Filmmaking Camp! This is the place to be for the young aspiring filmmakers of the future! No experience required!

Ages: 13-17

*Note: This in-person workshop is limited to 12 participants. While masks are no longer required to be worn in indoor public spaces in Manitoba, individuals are recommended to wear a mask in our Production Centre.

Do you want to create your own film?

During this two week summer camp students will develop their artistic voice and complete their own film. Students will learn a variety of skills including screenwriting, directing actors or acting, editing, camera operation, sound recording and more. Students will gain access to top of the line Sony cameras and a large studio for shooting rehearsals. At the end of the course we will have a film screening to celebrate our finished work.

This camp will take place at Winnipeg Film Group, on the 3rd floor at 100 Arthur Street. Monday – Friday, 12pm – 6pm starting July 29th & ending Aug. 12th.

Day 1 – Meet & Greet/Shoot a Chase Sequence – Monday, July 29, 12pm – 6pm

Day 2 – Edit our Chase Sequence and Start to Write a Screenplay – Tuesday, July 30, 12pm – 6pm

Day 3 – Finish Screenplay and Start Rehearsing– Wednesday, July 31, 12pm – 6pm

Day 4 – Pre Production – Friday, July 2, 12pm – 6pm

Day 5 –  Sound Day  – Tuesday, July 6, 12pm – 6pm

Day 6 – Shooting Day –  Wednesday, July 7, 12pm – 6pm

Day 7 – Shooting Day – Thursday, July 8, 12pm – 6pm

Day 8 – Editing – Friday, July 9, 12pm – 6pm

Day 9 – Editing – Monday, July 12pm

Day 10 – Final –  Finish Editing and Watch Finished Films


Some of the skills you will take away from this camp are:

  • Basic screenwriting
  • Genre theory
  • How to prep the shooting according to templates
  • How to manage and use basic film equipment
  • Basic directing techniques and how to work with actors
  • Editing in Adobe premiere pro
  • Basic color correction and motion graphics (titles)


Instructor Description:





Notice Given: Eligible for:
At least 7 days prior to start date Full refund
7 days to 48 hours prior to start date Full refund less 20% administration fee
Less than 48 hours prior to start date No refund


The Winnipeg Film Group reserves the right to cancel any course where the minimum registration has not been met. Anyone registered for a course that has been cancelled is eligible for a full refund, Cancelled course fees may also be used towards any other Winnipeg Film Group training programs.

Assistance and accommodations are available to participants with different disabilities. Please call or email us for more information:

If you’re having trouble signing up for a workshop, please email

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