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Dislocations (Book)

Dislocations (Book)

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Published as a catalogue to accompany the screenings for the 20th anniversary celebrations of the Winnipeg Film Group, Dislocations premiered at the Winnipeg Art Gallery on February 13, 1995.

This historical catalogue features an introduction by curator Gilles Hébert and essays by Monika Kin Gagnon (Dancie Dancie), Victor Barac (Dislocation and Postmodern Prairie Film), Geoff Pevere (Greenland Revisited: The Winnipeg Film Group During the 1980s), Lisa Trofimova (Projections of Consciousness: Four Dreams from the Winnipeg Film Group, 1980-1989), and Patrick Lowe (The Winnipeg Film Group Aesthetic: A View From Within).

— 1st ed. — Winnipeg: Winnipeg Film Group, 1994. 136 pages. ISBN 1-896003-01-X

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